The farmer played with the icon, she fought. Intentional retaliation, captain

The Legend of Columbus David Excellent has been playing with the team seven times on the playoff door, but was not allowed once. His successor in the organization and compatriot Lukáš Sedlák may play the Stanley Cup right in his first season in the first team. Why not, the assertion that would trigger a hurricane bout of laughter in previous years is based on the atrial form of Blue Jackets. The NHL is not a better team, Columbus headed the league to a series of fourteen wins in a row. Winner of Winnipeg was also very talented by the Czech forvard.

For the fourteenth win of his team in a row, he helped the 23-year-old striker by goal when Jack Johnson’s bumper missiles were tapped by the victory of Winnipeg ice.The newcomer in the competition, who has been expecting a long 24 matches for the first time in the world’s best league, has been rejoicing three times in the last ten games.

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“I was a little nervous about the fact that I could not make it for a long time, but since then I have calmed down.I still get used to, but in every game my game slows down, I feel better and better, I believe more with the puck, “said Sedlak in an interview after the overseas media match.

His favorite Christmas gift he ever received is a hockey goal so he could practice shooting at home .

He begins to sell slowly on overseas ice.On Thursday, he maneuvered his experienced defender Dustin Byfuglien, who relaxed by being completely free from the goal.

Byfuglien shot down hard in the course of the game, according to Captain Blue Jackets Nick Foligno was a deliberate retaliation. “It was a real blow, I did not even notice that it was him, I was looking at whom I was uploading – and all of a sudden I was lying on my back,” Sedlak said.

It can take an oversight. First of all, it is evidence that his opponents have begun to pay attention to him, and above all, he can cuddle the results of a team with three winnings to balance the NHL’s absolute record in the number of victories in a row. “It’s amazing how we are doing now, experiencing something great.Perhaps it will last for us as long as possible, “said Sedlák, who collected nine points in the season and is the 13th most productive Czech in the competition.

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