Svehla suggested that Dukla be extinct. Now it’s a play-off goal

Although the club has recently been threatened with extinction, the unfavorable situation has picked up a positive upswing, and on Friday, Trencians want to win over the goals.

They should also motivate Marián Hossu to take the lead duels between Dukla and Košice. Goal: play-off

During this year’s summer break, the situation under Matus Ceca was probably the most serious in the history of the club. He did not have to exist at the moment, but eventually the problem was successfully resolved.

“When Robo Svehla came to the board with a suggestion that the club be canceled in July, I did not like it. I asked Mr. Hartmann and Dana and we tried to change it.Now, I think we have succeeded, “said Viliam Ružička, chairman of the board of directors, at the opening of the club with journalists.

In addition to the debt and financial security settlement, the new management focused on cadre production. Some experienced faces, since the beginning of the season will be part of Richard Lintner and Branko Radivojevič.

“We added the cadre. If Branko and Risho are here, we will not change anything. If we leave, we’d like to add it again. But we will enter the season with what we have at the moment, “said Jozef Daňo, Sports Manager.

He added to the ambitions in the new year:” We created this team in order to play off.At this point, I think the current coffer is definitely worth it. We should be placed in the top half of the table. “

Just recently, the club’s leadership launched a media campaign called” Also Dukla “, which included former and legendary club legends, following which Trenčania Among the Slovak ice hockey elite.

“We would like to introduce our biggest summer support, which is Branko Radivojevič. As one of the oldest players I would like to introduce the captain and the team will be Róbert Petrovický.”We created a new set of white jerseys, I think the white color should not be missed in any modern club now,” said Richard Lintner.

We expect great success and positive feedback. We just launched the ‘Dukla’ campaign just recently. We are talking to former players as well as officials or current hockey players. “

” It is a beautiful business card of Dukly Trenčín. On Friday, Marián Hossa will also take part in the duel. In addition, he will try to shoot the most lucrative goal of his career. More will see the audience on Friday. “

A challenging task is expected this season to be the new head coach, Romano Stantien.It is he who, together with the players, get the club on the front bars in the table.

“The summer preparation for the drought was only half the cadre, but a lot of the players turned around on ice, some guys stayed, others left, we had to choose from, which is definitely positive. Fears, but I feel that it is still very good so far, “the new head of the Trenčian quarterback did appreciate.

After sixteen years, Branko Radivojevič dressed the Duke. Although his goal is to return to one of the leading European Leagues, he is delighted to be in the Dukla.

“It’s nice to be back at home, I’m looking forward to a friday match with Košice, and I believe we will be encouraging a lot of spectators and we will start the season on a unit,” added Radivojevic.The captain of the team will be his oldest and most experienced member at present Róbert Petrovický:

“Thank you for your confidence. Captain ‘cake’ in this sign Dukly Trenčín, which means something not only in Slovakia but also in the world, I believe that I will fulfill my expectations, we will be the leader and we will help the boys with each other. We all want Dukla to experience a successful season again. ”

The three-time Slovakian champion did not play in the play off in the past season, which caused bigger changes in cadres.Tibor Melichárek, Vladimir Nemec, the veteran Petrovicky, or the best teammate of the last year Ondrej Mikul, also signed the match in the team from Piešťany, and Jakub Gašparovič recently signed an annual contract.

Significant changes have affected the defensive, which included Ondrej Zošiak, Lukáš Kozák, Tomáš Bokroš, Patrik Husák and Latvian representative Janis Andersons. At the beginning of the new year, Lintner will help him and Branislav Konrád will be the gatekeeper.

Dukla will join the season on Friday against the defending champion HC Košice.

The meeting was originally scheduled to begin at 17.30 h, but the start of the meeting was after 19.00.