Slovan has no payouts. But the supposedly stronger

BRATISLAVA. Already at the end of last year it was revealed that Spartak Moscow has financial problems in the KHL. The players did not receive payouts, the team fell in the table and were just waiting for the end of the base.

Slovan Bratislava succeeded in concealing economic difficulties until the end of the season. According to the Sport club in the Slovak club, players have permanently lost their wages and most of the hockey players have last seen them in November.No one is to talk

or Spartak Slovan did not make the playoffs, the Moscow team walk to the supplementary competition for the Cup of hope and slovanisti from it dropped with Minsk now in the preliminary round.

“I will not speak to that,” calmly he answered the question of who are in arrears payment of Slav forward Juraj Mikúš.In Slovnaft arena still practicing with the team on the ice in early April will be involved in the preparation of national team for the World Cup.

Like Mikus could not even talk to other players to the addressed Slav, Rostislav Čada coach and general manager Maroš Krajči nedvíhali phone.

“Do I want to believe that players have a few months do not receive salaries. That this is possible in the KHL, “he wondered the veteran striker and later Slovan coach Jaroslav Walter. “If this is really true, it could affect their performance in battle to advance to the playoffs.Players must also feed their families and need a room to be able to concentrate fully on hockey. “Krajch: The Future is at the KHL

The club in its statement claims that the players have paid wages by the end of 2013 and the delay only For January. Extensions are committed to pay by the end of May. Fifteen hockey players have a contract for the next season, twelve – including Jaroslav Janus, Michel Miklík, Juraj Mikus, Michal Vondrik and Miroslav Šatan – is now over.What will taste continue at the club, where payments are late?

The Spartak Moscow was rumored he would be next season in the KHL replaced by the new club of Sochi.

“The future Slav is clearly the KHL,” says Krajči recently in an interview with SME. “We have a contract and everything you need. The league would probably not make-Star Game in Bratislava, if we had no special relationship. Traffic, the atmosphere at home games is to boost KHL, even after the sports page, we now work out. “

Krajči said that Slovan will be in the new season stronger than ever. But so far it looks like only the strong language.