New Life Safari: Money and flight rankings. But also great expectations …

Lucie Safarova has a tournament that she will not forget in her life. Even if she could not do anything by the end of her tennis career, she might be happy with what she showed. He is confident that he will be the seventh player in the world, to his credit of 25 million crowns, and has significantly increased his chances for a premiere at the Championship. Of course, the twenty-one-year-old native is also lurking in the dark side of the matter. You can forget about a quiet life in the winds behind Petra Kvitova.

When you look at the tennis ladder on Monday, you will find the top two Czech players.Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova will be the second winner, the seventh for the first time in her career, Lucie Safarova.

The last Czech tennis was twice represented in the top ten in 1989 under the head of Czechoslovakia, when she was seventh Helena Suková, three rods under her, then Jana Novotná.

And in a leeward, Karolína Plíšková and a plethora of other Czech tennis players, who in the eighteenth century touched the French Open nine. >

Prize Money

The account of Lucia Safarova has accumulated around 180 million crowns after the French Open, which is financially guaranteed by the Czech tennis player. And we do not count more money from sponsors, advertising and other events that will undoubtedly appear with the Czech players’ success.

“There has already been one important company, others will undoubtedly come.In addition, it is a future with a clothing supplier, “said the head of the Czech Sports Agency, under which Šafářová falls, Miroslav Černošek.

And do not forget to add prize money for participation at least in the finals of the doubles, where the Czech tennis player On the side of the American Mother’s troubled. (Online on Sunday from 12:00 on If the Czech-American couple finishes, they will split over twelve million crowns among themselves.

The list of successes does not end. Safarova never played at the final event of the season – Womens Tournament. After this year’s French Open he will be closest to him. “We always wanted to get there.Now we can really think about Singapore, “says coach Rob Steckley.

For Czech tennis it would be a really unique moment, because if Petra Kvitova and Karolina Plíšková kept their standard performance in the second half of the season, The Czech Republic should have a triple representation for the best eight players of the planet.


Until today, the Brno native was one of the best but still wider players. The third to the top ten.

Grandslam has ended up with the exception of the third round.Now every similar result will be taken as a failure. Safarova will be far more than ever before, with the attention of fans, journalists and experts from the first round.

“Hold on like you have done so, and once you raise that cup over you,” she said immediately after the Saturday final of the Safari The legendary Martina Navrátilová.But if this is not the case, the grandslam’s final participation will be taken as a coincidence when the Czech tennis player has met with a form that she has not been able to accomplish.


The eternally smiling admirer of Steffi Graf is named by many tennis players as the most favorite player on the circuit. “I think people should treat themselves well, not only on the court but also in normal life,” says the Czech couple. Under media pressure, however, it will be forced to confirm this reputation, which, especially at a time when it does not succeed, may not be easy. Canadian coach Rob Steckley will have to share his time between the media responsibilities of the tennis stars and the training.

It does not even have to be easy for the Safar.

The first test is waiting for a fresh world seven in two weeks, when the world’s most famous tennis tournament – Wimbledon – starts. And there will be 28-year-old tennis player defending not only her final participation from the French Open, but also the advance between the last four tennis players she wrestled last year in Wimledon.