His favorite hockey player? Datsyuk is a genius, says Hossa

“It’s true that when something goes wrong in the faces of some people I saw and mischief. But it fueled me and drifted forward. When a person falls, you need to get up and move on. It’s worth it. I can confirm from my own experience. It was difficult for me after two overheat go into the next season, but I told myself that I will toil to prepare even more than before. In the summer of 2009 I went to Chicago, the team with great potential. I’m glad I became a part of it. “

” They left four players, but come new. Foundation remained. Again, we are strong and we will try to defend the title. “

” With Mark we met in Trencin. I used to play with his father Jožkom.Marko has buldodžiu nature. If you will play like last year against Chicago, then has a chance to succeed in our team. “

” When I was seventeen years ago he came to the NHL, I was downright offensive hockey.Continued defensive Article belongs to premium content Sme.sk You too you can be a subscriber annual subscription € 29 Order Save up to € 17.80, compared with a monthly subscription Quarterly subscription 9,90 € Order Save € 1.80, compared with a monthly subscription Monthly subscription from 0,98 € Order Price € 0.98 valid for new subscribers the first month.

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