Gregor beat the first match in KHL Spirko with Miklik, Laco won

VLADIVOSTOK. Dušan Gregor did not make his debut as KHL Admiral Vladivostok’s main coach.

His winners played in the Derby Far East Derby cross country competition Amur Chabarovsk tightly 4: 5, goal and assistance contributed to the home victory Michel Miklik.

But their shooting balance in the new year opened with the exact intervention of Rastislav Špirko. Darilo’s in Kazakhstan

Admiral has been looking for a Slovak coach after he brought the Kazakh team of Sary Ark Karaganda to the overall VHL season for the overall triumph.

“I congratulate the opponent for victory, and I’m very sorry we lost today, but the same mistakes have been made in our game, which I always say about training.We played a battle, but not a war, “quotes the words of Admiral Gregor’s words. The fans were heard.

Two Russian teams from the Far East came to the front two rounds and the Derby match brought not only a lot of goals but also a storm Atmosphere.

“We knew that it would be hard to play in Chabarovsk. Thanks, however, to our fans who have come to support us and have heard them. We really need such support in further fighting, “added a 52-year-old coach.Laco wins the win

Slovak goalkeeper Ján Laco has won the first prize in Barys Astana in KHL.

The home team of Kazakh has defeated Salavat Julajev Ufa 5: 4, a crucial goal scored by Canadian Nigel Dawes, who finished with his goal in the second half of the season.

Three goals have also been reached by Finnish Ufa Antti Pihlström. Laco captured the entire match and destroyed 34 of 38 opponents’ strikes. Chabarovsk – Vladivostok 5: 4 (1: 2, 2: 1, 2: 1)

Goals: 9. SPIRKO (Tarasov), 22. Niinimäki (A. Loginov, MIKLÍK) A. Loginov), 45. Litovskenko, 54. Baškirov (Safronov, Taimi) – 4. Bergfors, 9. Gorskov, 38. Pyett (Gorskov), 57. Kolar (Lisin) Astana – Ufa 5: 4 (3: 0: 4, 2: 0)

Goals: 4. Dawes (Dallman, Bochenski), 5. D.Boyd (Dawes), 8. Dawes (D. Boyd, Bochenski), 42. Dallman (Dawes), 60. Dawes – 25. Pihlström (Zubarev, Kajgorodov), 28. Pihlström (Kirill Koľcov), 34. Dubrovskij (Lekomcev) , 37. Pihlström (Kajgorod)