Cross with Europe: Ludogorec Razgrad presents himself

The primary purpose of our new “Cross-European Europe” series is to be systematically pointing to interesting phenomena across the continent, but for the second time we make one minor exception: due to the forthcoming prelude of the Champions League, we will exclusively shine on Viktoria Pilsen, Ludogorec Razgrad. .

Czech clubs with Bulgarian rivals have no other experience.In the media it will be said that with Ludogorka himself in the last two years, friendly clubs played four domestic clubs (from five attempts to succeed only once Sparta), but we really do not mean to take seriously.

Pilsen, with no Bulhars, had the privilege of being in the past with only their geographic neighbors – and while Serbian (Vojvodina Novi Sad) had a good deal of playing in front of the front with both Turkish units (Fenerbahçe 2013 and Beşiktaş 2010 ).

The Plzen can not even advise in Ostrava, Bohemka, Liberec, Mladá Boleslav or Jablonec. Olomouc still with Standou Vlček at the beginning of the millennium was screamed today by the three – tier Velbád Kjustendil and Prague ‘s Dukla in the 60’ s.She played with CNA Sofia, the predecessor of the famous CSKA. Even here, too, we do not put a stop to it.

Similarly, chance meetings can also be offered by Prague giants. Sparta on Bulgarian cups only hit the 80s – at first in the beginning of the decade Slavia Sofia fell, and then at the end of the 80s it did not even manage the double match with Sofia’s Sreda, again with CSKA’s image.

The second Prague “S” The experience was already prepared by the already unspoken CSKA in the 2004/05 season, when it came to Strahov during the group stage of the UEFA Cup. At that time, I did not hesitate to go out on my own and hardly ever forget. Not because of the Bulgarian visit, but for two goals Paul Foxt.Yes, two.

The old well-known cannon Fořt also hit the net of the third Sofiyian team, Levski, two years earlier. But then it was one of the worse stacks of stacked sessions – in Bulgaria, after the wild Strahov draw 2: 2, the goal did not go, so Slavia was already in the 2nd precursor of the UEFA Cup.

, As you probably suspect, has changed a lot. In the autumn of 2004, where we date the Czech team’s freshest experience with Bulgarian representatives, Lokomotiv Plovdiv was still a master sensation, otherwise it was true that the first-league scene was ruled by the capital.On the turn of the season, Sofijska titans from CSKA and Levski finished 21 at the front of the table and 18 points on the rest of the peloton.

The players of the biggest match in the country, otherwise known as ‘Vechnoto derbi’ Titles and 44 slots in the national cup.Levski, exactly 10 years ago, as the first Bulgarian ambassador to the group LM (and left it without a point, with the only goal scored), while CSKA boasts at least three semifinals in less prestigious European cups.

P> In the period just after the encounter, Slavi is actually the most powerful unit in the country until the start of Ludogorka’s current domination, Levski – whether financially, benefiting from the support of Israeli entrepreneur Michael Cherney, or on the result page, before the businessman In 2009 he received three titles at four years.

Since then, however, Levski has been struggling in dense chaos, which may well be the fact that he has readily accepted the unpopular discipline of ‘hurried coach’.Since the golden summer of 2009, the hot stool has changed 19 times – that is, if I calculate correctly, the average life of Levski coach for a given time period corresponds roughly to four and a half months .

To illustrate the dignity of the Levski, we do not have to go far: Stojko Stoyev managed to move Levski from the seventh to the second in the past season, yet he was fired. There followed logical fan protests, and then the club president declared that he was resigning and with other members, but such a radical step did not vote for the general meeting, that is, everything remains in the old one, and Srba Ljupka Petrović now awaits another uncompromising parachute.It’s just a circus.

What about CSKA Sofie, clubs with variations on this name, would now find a couple of them all over the country. The reason is the recent collapse of the original brand and an unprecedented fall from the highest competition. Even in the third league, however, CSKA welcomed the most fans of all the clubs on average, and after a special merger with Litex Loveč this year is again decorated by an elite company.

Even in the spring it was true that CSKA players and institutions owed Over 30 million Bulgarian lions (about 414 million crowns) and formally no assets, but the football team itself is at least somehow at the feet.This year, under the leadership of the Iris player Janeva, he played a home cup, and he also started a league season, and for the club as such, he is organizing new collections and unpretentious organized fans.

It is generally true that the last time the sweet fruits are collected mainly outside Capital city, ironically under the supervision of those previously associated with CSKA. Former candidate for Army President Griša Ganchev has created an extremely competitive manchut from Litex Loveč, who has collected nine trophies including four league titles in order to operate probably the best academy in the country.

And certain Kiril Domusiev, a CSKA fan A former member of the Supervisory Board of the club, leads Ludogorce Razgrad even better.The current business card of the young team looks like this: five consecutive titles, two successes in the Kupa Ballegaria, two superpohars to it, one eightfinal participation in the European League and no shameful performance in the group stage of the Champions League; All six years after getting out of the third league…